Under its council-manager form of administration, the citizens of Cary elect a seven-member Town Council, including the mayor. Four of the seven council members are district representatives chosen by voters within each geographic district. Two council members and the mayor are at-large representatives elected town-wide. Cary elections are held in odd-numbered years. The council members’ four-year terms are staggered so that voters fill three or four of the seats every two years.

The elected Town Council creates a vision for the community by setting the policies, goals, and direction of the government including adopting necessary laws. The Council also appoints three staff members: the Town Attorney, the Town Clerk, and the Town Manager.

As the chief executive officer for the government, the Town Manager implements the Council’s policies and oversees all government operations. The Manager advises the Council on all issues, proposes the annual budget, and coordinates the work of all municipal staff not appointed by the Council.